10 Best Offbeat Places To Visit After Lockdown

Nowadays, many travel agents are claiming that travelers are not willing to go outside their state in Unlock 1.0. Moreover, they are prone to such places that are offbeat and free from the crowd. As museums and heritage buildings are still undergoing some lockdown regulations, offbeat trails are the best to walk around in the first phase of unlocking; wander across remote villages, see hilly sunsets, ride along gushing rivers and gaze across boundless fields. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about social distancing and masks as these places are already ‘distanced’ with plenty of fresh air. Below mentioned are 10 offbeat places to visit after lockdown that will truly give your wanderlust soul a wacky experience.

PS. If you have your own car, you can drive to those places as well.

  1. Landour, Uttarakhand

This hidden gem near to the hill station of Mussoorie was once a British cantonment town amidst the Himalayas. Any mountain-lover will llloooovoooeee Landour! Lal Tibba, Ruskin Bond’s cottage named Ivy cottage and a few churches are the main attractions of this secluded hillside. Even if you find the colonial buildings allowing restricted entry, you can always enjoy the serene and captivating nature.

  1. Mawlyngot, Meghalaya

Located amidst the East Khasi hills, the village of Mylongot is much known for its tea production. If you want to engage yourself in tea tourism of Meghalaya, this remote hamlet is one of the best picks for you. Explore the tea gardens and watch the locals pluck tea leaves. You will also be able to see how the tea leaves are then processed and packed. The place also has some exciting nature and village trails to keep you going for the trip. Nearby attractions include the grand Laitlum canyons where you can see some spectacular gorges and winding roads to the hamlets.

  1. Darap, Sikkim

Another wonderful yet offbeat destination located very close to the crowded town of Pelling is Darap. With its rapid growth of sustainable tourism, Darap has become one of the leading ecotourism destinations in India. Though the major inhabitants of the town are from Limboo community, you will also find people belonging to communities like Tamangs, Rais and Chettris. Picturesque villages and eye-soothing landscapes are the key features of this lone place that offers some majestic views of Mt. Kanchenjunga. Apart from the monasteries, Khecheopalri Lake, Rimbi waterfalls and Kanchenjunga waterfalls are two other major sightseeing places in Darap.

  1. Munroe Island, Kerela
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While Allepey is the most common name when it comes to exploring the backwaters in Kerela, Munroe Islands offer you a much more personalized experience. The serene place is fringed with palm trees and jungles that offer some best nature trails of the state. Narrow waterways and canal cruise are two of the unique experiences to take here. Though you may not find a cruise at this time but surely you will find some small canoe to take you through the tapered waterways.

  1. Desert villages, Thar, Rajasthan

Long drives can’t be better than to the desert villages of Thar. Mud houses, thatched roofs, painted cow dung walls and exclusive cultures; all these are some wonderful experiences while on the village trail in Thar Desert. Experience the true desert, unkind yet beautiful, extreme yet struggling and annul yet friendly. One of the popular desert villages of Thar is Gumnewala village that is located close to Jaisalmer.

  1. Kutch handicraft villages, Gujarat

Though uncertain about whether this year Kutch festival will be organized, but you can always head on towards the handicraft villages of Kutch. Visit the house of the copper bell makers, the Rogan artists and the lacquer craftsmen who are always eager to show their talent with a smile. The best part of the visit is that you can directly buy from them without taking the help of any middleman. Another junction that displays the local artworks here is the Kala Raksha Centre. But not very sure if it is open now!

  1. Tajpur, West Bengal

Forget the teeming heads at popular places like Digha and Mandarmani and chose this tranquil shoreline at the Bay of Bengal. Palm-lined coasts and thatched huts largely cover the outer coastal layers of the town. Nevertheless, the thatched shelters sell some wonderful sea food platters, along with snacks like maggi, pakodas and tea. Some nearby attractions include Shankarpur, Chaandpur and Bichitrapur sanctuary.

  1. Talsari, Odisha
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Another mesmerizing beach in the coastal state of Odisha is Talsari (very near to the West Bengal-Odisha border). If you want to explore some virgin beaches that are home to the red crabs, come to Talsari. Palm trees, coconut trees and cashew trees line up the sands of Talsari coasts. Paired with Talsari is another less exploited seashore of Udaipur beach. Though in normal times, water sports adventures can be enjoyed at Talsari, but not sure about now!

  1. Valparai, Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is mostly known for its hill station destinations like Ooty, Coorg and Kodaikanal. But did you ever come across the name Valparai? The obscure and tranquil hill station amidst the Anamalai Hills renders some thrilling and magnificent views of the mountains, rivers and forests. For a solitary experience, go for jungle treks and bird watching. Else, Monkey Waterfalls is also another wonderful sightseeing attraction in the hill station.

  1. Savandurga, Karnataka

Savandurga in Western Ghats is a true paradise for the trekkers and adventure-lovers. The perfect trekking destination of Savandurga hills is just 60 km from Bangalore and is said to be the largest monolithic rock in Asia. There are two peaks namely Black hill (also known as Karigudda) and White Hill (also known as Biligudda). The White Hill acted as the hill prison during the Hoysla Empire whose ruins can be found till date. Apart from day treks, night treks are also organized here but for visiting now, a day trek is a wise choice.

Though this crisp list was only meant at giving you a fair suggestion about visiting offbeat places, you must check for the pandemic regulatory measures imposed by the local Government.


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