Yoga In India – India Yoga Tour Travel Guide

Yoga In India – India Yoga Tour Travel Guide

People oftentimes look for various ways to break out from the stress of work, study and even stress we get from daily activities. Some find temporarily stress relief through a walk in the park, gazing at the stars, partying, shopping and a whole lot other activities. But a tired body and soul needs more to attain freedom form stress and reinvigoration. A mind that had made a lot of thinking, a body that has done a lot of working and a heart that has gone through a lot of enduring need more than just temporary pampering. A tour package is one good way to put oneself back into shape holistically.

There are many ways these days to spend your hard earned money on pleasure and luxury while traveling. Tour companies provide a wide range of choices ranging from guided, cultural, historical, nature to adventure tours. One type that is growing in popularity is yoga tour or yoga retreats. As many are drawn towards yoga – the union of the mind, body and spirit achieved through several relaxation, exercise and meditation techniques, one of the six schools of the Hindu Philosophy – tour companies have incorporated it in the packages they offer. Some tour companies give emphasis on destinations. Others, to the different yoga techniques one can learn through out the tour. And where else can one best experience yoga other India, its country of origin. It is the best place to visit to relax, reinvigorate and liberate oneself of all hidden energies while experiencing a diverse culture and beholding the world’s beauty. One can experience holistic harmony through yoga tour packages in India. It is home to best professionals who can help you achieve it.

So, what are the activities in this type of tour package and what are the services one can enjoy through it? Upon arrival to the airport, tour company representatives will welcome and transfer you to a hotel destination in India. While traveling to the hotel, there will be sightseeing and some stopovers at landmarks that are on the way. Depending on the time of arrival, a breakfast, lunch or dinner is provided upon arrival to the hotel. It is during this breakfast, lunch or dinner that formal registration and distributions of kits are done while enjoying mostly vegetarian dishes as yoga promotes health. Everyone is also acquainted with the facilities available. A cultural program often follows. In the morning, there are wake up sessions. Tourists are encouraged to observe and engage in a demonstration of Asana or yoga poses after a universal prayer. There may also be consultations with yoga specialists with each tourist as everyone has specific needs. Classes on remedies to certain ailments are conducted by the specialist. These classes may include practical remedies and lectures on herbal medicines. Some tour companies even include visits to herbal gardens. Principles of Ayurveda, a Hindu healthcare system, are oftentimes introduced as it is closely related to yoga; it also involves aligning the mind, body and soul together with the environment to achieve well being. Most Indian principles are all about achieving equilibrium. Some travel agencies also arrange separate Ayurveda tours. More practice and demonstration of meditation and on other yoga practices such as Hatha, Raja, karma, Bhakti, Jnana, and Laya, among many others, may follow. These classes/practices/demonstrations are conducted from day 1 to the last day of the tour. Of course, there will be visits to places around a region or even all over India depending on the tour package. Places that are commonly visited are temples, shrines, historic landmarks, and natural sceneries such as beaches, mountains, rivers and even forests. One of the most visited destinations is Rishikesh, which is known as the yoga capital of the world. Other destinations include the Taj Mahal, Udaipur and other cities Rajasthan and the Ranthambore National Park. Places to shop for souvenirs are visited as well. A yoga tour can never be complete without visits to spas offering wide ranges of relaxation and beautification techniques. Upon arrival to these spas, one can experience stimulation of all the senses. You would never want to leave these places upon experiencing authentic Indian treatments from the hands of the people who know how to apply them best. Closing ceremonies are usually held the night before the tourists’ flight back to their country or place or origin. These ceremonies could be during dinner or a party. The tour company reps will escort everyone to the airport to make sure that all is settled regarding the tourists’ departure. There could be a wider rage of activities tour companies can offer.

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What about the cost? How does it compare to other types of tour and to yoga tours in other countries? Well, it depends on the package. One can go to different tour companies to scout for the best offerings. They have available package for you choose from or a yoga tour to India package specifically designed for you can be arranged based on your wants and your budget. Even the entire itinerary can be tailor made. A ball park figure for an 18-day 17-night package is US$ 3,500. It is costs more than tours in Indonesia but less expensive than tours in Europe, Japan or Hawaii. However, it still varies a lot depending on the time of the year and a lot of other factors like currency rates. Arranging directly with a travel agency based in India also makes a big difference as opposed to making arrangements with agencies from one’s country of origin. Whatever the cost is, it is worth it for this type of tour provides holistic rejuvenations and attaining equilibrium of all aspects of one’s being. It is one of the few types of tour that is also geared towards attaining health improvement. It is like hitting two, three or even more birds in one stone. It brings tourism to a whole new level. After this type of tour, one will have a better understanding or the principles of yoga and apply them better.


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