Periyar National Park – Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary

Periyar National Park – Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary

The Periyar park is situated between the beautiful western ghats in the state of Kerala in southern part of India. The park is also known as Tiger reserve sanctuary. The sanctuary was built in 1895 along the area surrounding the dam, which provided a permanent source of water to the species of wild animals living in that area. The forest is also famous for its elephants along with tigers which can be spotted near the lake.

Many other animals are also found in Periyar National Park including a variety of wild pigs, gaur, barking deer, sambar, dole, mouse deer, and tiger. An estimate of nearly 40 tigers can be seen inhabiting the forest in the wild. Bonnet macaque, common langur, lion-tailed macaque and the nilgiri langur are the most common primates that can be found in this forest. Elusive Nilgiri Thar can also be seen in this region but very rarely.

A number of bird species are also found in this region including kingfishers, darters, great Malabar hornbill, cormorants and racket-tailed drongoes. A number of reptiles are also found in the region including the monitor lizards that can easily be spotted bathing in the sun. If lucky one can also manage to spot others including python and king cobra.

Significant places and other activities


Elephants can be spotted from the region just around 4 kms from periyar. The growing town of kumily is a leader in the trading of spices from the region. Spice trading is also one of the major occupation of the local people living in this region. Tourism is also well flourishing and so the area is well equipped with a number of hotels and lodges for visitors.
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Cardamom hills

the Periyar and Kumily hills are the prime location for most of the visitors to the Kerala state who come to visit the Cardamom hills. One can always manage to group together and travel along with the guide to explore the hilly regions. This may be the best value for you trip and money.

Boat cruises

if one need to enjoy the wild Periyar sanctuary, then a boat cruise may just be the right choice to explore and enjoy. One can always manage to check out the wildlife in the sanctuary. It is also an excellent boating spot for most of the visitors. One can always manage to spot the wildlife including elephants, sambar deer, wild boar and deer along the water shores.

Ideal time to visit the National Park

The best time to enjoy these wild animals in their natural habitat would be around the months of October to June. The National Park is generally over crowded with tourists from all over the globe.


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