Ranthambore National Park

Ranthambore National Park

Located near Sawai Madhopur and boasting a 392 square kilometers tract of land is the Ranthambore National Park which it is common place for one to spot a leopard, tiger or even a boar.

There are many things to see at this national park as well as a rich history as this area was used as Maharajas of Jaipur’s hunting preserve before being turned into a wildlife sanctuary. There are two rivers which run through the preserve and also act as a natural border for the land. Furthermore it is because of these rivers that the local plant and animal life has flourished so well.

With a number of creeks and streams crossing through the park along with the six man made lakes, the area is none the less breathtaking and well worth the trip. Because of the man made lakes within the park and the fact that none of these lakes have access to the two rivers, the preserve has its own internal drainage system which makes it a great choice both during the monsoon season and even after the monsoons have passed on.

A number of plant species can be found in the Ranthambore National Park including that of the mango tree. The terrain within the park features a great number of rock formations as well as a large savannah from which to observe their wildlife in. As a favorite amongst photographers around the world as one of the finest places in India to photograph the tigers, you are almost guaranteed to get in some great shots of your own to show your friends and family once you return home.

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The Ranthambore National Park has well over 300 species of trees as well as 50 aquatic plant species and 272 birds species. There is also 30 species of mammals found in Ranthambore National Park and 12 reptiles including the Marsh Crocodile. It is the diversity of animal and plant life which can be found in the Ranthambore National Park that has attracted a great number of visitors since it became a wildlife preserve.

Don’t forget to keep you eye out for the smaller animals which can be found in the Ranthambore National Park like mongooses and rabbits. All to often people are only looking for the tigers and leopards and they end up missing out on the many other animals which can be found within the confines of this magnificent animal preserve.


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