Scuba Diving in India

Scuba Diving in India – discover the charismatic blue water world.
Are you a fun loving, passionate and adventurous person planning for an exciting water diving trip? Then go for India! Yes, it is the best option for you as its home to many of the world’s absolutely finest diving locales, a unique location at the epicenter of our planet’s marine diversity. The coral reefs of India are rich and vibrant and its waters are home to some of the great whale sharks to the world’s tiniest seahorses.

Scuba diving is all about discovering and getting mesmerized in the amazing world under blue water and taking back a magnificent and memorable experience. India provides an outstanding opportunity for scuba diving lovers to discover the colorful sea life. Its rich marine life and excellent dive sites attracts a huge number of tourists from all over the world.

India is well liked as one of the world’s best country for marine diversity than anywhere else on earth. The Indian Ocean at the southern region of the country has a teeming sea life variety that takes one’s breath away. It treasures some of the world’s best coral reefs, deep water trenches, over, thousands different species of fish, coral species and an endless variety of marine life in the azure water world.

Scuba diving in India is full of adventure, excitement, excellent and inexpensive. India has a number of fabulous destinations for scuba diving. You can experience and explore all the wondrous fish and marine biodiversity in such nutrient –rich seas. It is a must dive location and often considered as a paradise on earth. You can encounter with big pelagic around the cool waters of the legendary islands of Andaman and Nicobar Island, pleasure diving in the waters of the magical Goa, cruising over pristine fields of coral in Lakshadweep, marveling at the enormous volume of fish and photographing the outrageous critters of Havelock island as well.

India, a world class destination for scuba divers is so diverse and striking that every year a great number of visitors dive in the turquoise blue waters of the underwater wonders. India has some of the astonishing scuba diving and snorkeling sites and many more still to be explored. If you are lucky enough you may encounter with some of the brilliant sea creature on your scuba diving tours and experience a unforgettable trip full of enjoyment and excitement.

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Scuba Diving Destinations in India

Scuba Diving in Lakshadweep:

There are some things hard to find in Lakshadweep. Like fast cars, or tranquilizers. They do have all that water though. Bright and clear and as liquid glass. Fringed by white streches of sand where only throngs you’ll ever see are of the sandpipers on the shore. Geographically similar to that other diver’s haunt, Lakshadweep is like Maldives without the crowds. 400 kilometers off the coast of Kerala, this group of 36 coral islands and atolls can be reached by a 20 hour sea journey from Cohin or by plane. Of the ten inhabited islands, only two, Bangaram and Kadmat, are open to foreigners and there are dive centers on both these islands. The lagoons are home to a spectacular world of marine life, so unexplored, you may well have a site named after you.

Andaman and Nicobar Island: Surrounded by sparkling turquoise water, are a group of 572 small islands, as whole constituting the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It’s very many tranquil white beaches, speckled with exotic flowers and birds and lined by coconut palms that sway rhythmically as if dancing to the tunes of the constant gentle breeze, are the gateways to the marine beauties that lie beneath. The beautiful Havelock Island, in the Andaman with sandy beaches, exquisite flora, natural reefs, remains of sunken ships and amazing photo opportunities is a treasure house for scuba divers. Scuba and snorkeling diving in Andaman and Nicobar Island is sure to be an experience to last for a life time.

Scuba Diving in Goa:

with an identity that’s a seamless blend of Portugese-Latin influence and Indian tradition, was crackling enough to have been one of the Millenium destinations of the world. The waters are safe and temperate, the absence of riptide currents making them ideal for new divers. And when you are not wiggling in and our of your wetsuit, you could be sunbathing of bungee jumping, visiting temples or haunting the flea markets. The three hundred years of Portugese rule has left an indelible imprint on the collective psyche of Goans. It shows in their music, their architecture, their culture. It’s also why the Goans make the most wonderful vindaloo this side of the Indian Ocean. The marine life in Goa is similar to that found in the Maldives. The presence of wrecks in Spanish and Portugese galleons and WWII ships make the the fish life profilic.
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Netrani Islands : Located about 10 km across the Karnataka coast from Murudeshwara in the Arabian Sea is the tiny island of Netrani. Inhabited by pigeons and goats, this little island is rich with corals, butterfly fish, trigger fish, parrot fish, eels and shrimps, offering an ideal scuba diving destination. Offering perfect diving conditions between December and January, Netrani is also accessible from Goa and Mumbai. However, since the island next to Netrani is used by the Indian Navy for target practice, it’s best advised that visitors take prior permission to visit the island, or travel with sport organizers like Thrillophilla who take care of all arrangements.

India Scuba Diving Tips

Try to take along a partner while diving to make sure you can get immediate help in case of need.

The divers should have good fitness levels as remaining underwater and swimming across requires a lot of energy.

It is advisable to display a ‘diver below’ banner on top while underwater to let know other boats of your presence and avoid any accidents.

Do not pollute the water and try to keep it as clean as possible.

A doctor’s certificate is required for people suffering from any disease.

Minimum age for diving in India is 12 years. However, the instructor can stop any person from entering the sport for valid reasons.

Some islands in the Andaman & Nicobar are restricted and need special permits for foreign citizens.


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