Top 8 Tips for Women Travelling in India

When people tell that it is dangerous for a woman to travel alone in India, it is often an exaggerated statement. India is not the only country that has thieves, smugglers or evil people. Many developed countries also have had bad examples of single travellers being looted or murdered. Though there are risks in travelling alone, women often head out alone to explore the beautiful country because India is a mesmerising land of culture, nature and people. It is best understood when you travel alone and experience all the nativity of the different parts of the large country. For all those single female travellers, who are having second thoughts about their expedition, pack your bags and begin the memorable journey. Here are some tips for women travelling in India-

Culture Awareness –

Well, this is mandatory when you are visiting any country for that matter. You must learn about the culture of the place you are visiting. India, being a vast country, has a diverse culture and you must be aware of it. Know about what is acceptable, what is not acceptable, what is illegal and what is considered a taboo in the country. Get to know about the dressing style that is safe and acceptable. Do your research on the internet before stepping into the destination.

Dress Appropriately –

While dressing style is an individual choice, you must respect the country and its culture. Do not wear inappropriate clothes. The idea is to avoid any unnecessary attention that can be due to less or revealing clothes. This also does not mean that you are covered from head to toe. Wear comfortable, airy and cotton clothes that go well with the humid climate of the country.

Act Confident –

Never look like a confused damsel in distress. Be very confident and you can avoid many problems. Do not be very polite as you can be taken for a ride. Act like you are all business and people should know that you cannot be cheated easily.

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Be Alert –

You must keep your ears and eyes open and alert. The danger may come in the form of any one. Be very careful and do not trust anyone easily. Never give your money to be kept by anyone else no matter how polite they are. Do not reveal much information about you to anyone. Avoid talking to strangers who do not have anything to do with your tour.

Avoid Night Journey –

No matter what the circumstances, you must not travel during the nights. Make all your travelling plans such that you are travelling during the day and resting at the comforts of your hotel during the nights. Be very cautious if you will have to travel during nights. Do not get down buses or trains at odd hours and also do not enter into empty buses no matter how friendly the driver may seem.

Mobile Phone –

Always have your mobile phones handy. Get a working Indian sim card and stay connected with your family and friends. Someone must be informed about all your tour plans. Your travelling and hotel updates must reach your people from time to time. When you are in a bus or cab, call your family and let them know where you are. Note down the licence number of the vehicle that you board and message it to your loved ones.

Be Clever –

Always trust your gut feeling as you will know when something is not right. Be very clever when you talk to strangers. Do not let them think that you are alone. Talk about your husband or boyfriend, who will join you in two days. It does not matter if you have a husband or not. Lying will help as the people will think you are not alone.

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Beware of Strangers –

No matter how soft they may act, never get cosy with strangers. You do not know how dangerous they may turn out to be. Avoid talking, flirting or getting close to people you have just met. Do not reveal much about you. Just say that you are here with your partner, who will join you soon. Stay away from the conversation with strangers of any gender. Remember, crime has no gender. Follow these tips for women travelling in India, and you will be safe in this huge country.

Ignore all the negative publicity or press reports that will scare you about your plans to travel around India. You can have the time of your life if you have planned well and careful about what is going around you. Do not miss the fun that you can have while you travel alone around the country from the heavenly Kashmir to enchanting Kerala. Keep in mind these tips for women travelling in India and make the most of every moment of your travelling time.

Rahul Sharma

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