The Top 6 Best Monsoon Destinations in India

In almost every corner of India, you will find a place which is worthy of paying a visit. However, every place has an ideal time of visit. Some places, mostly the hill stations, work wonders during the summer months whereas when it comes to winter, people prefer beaches to mountainsides. There are various factors, mostly climatic, which determine when the best time to visit a place is. In general, the monsoon months are characterized as off seasons for tourists. This is mainly because a lot of roads get blocked due to heavy rainfall and a cloudy weather disrupts the flight schedules quite often. However, these are all technical difficulties which can be easily overcome with the help of a little patience. Monsoon is not the time to go for heavy explorations. It is a time to enjoy and observe. Here are the top 6 best monsoon destinations in India, which are really worth a visit, during this time of the year:

  1. Amongst the clouds in the Queen of Hills: The hill stations, in general, are revered to be ideal holiday destinations during the summers. However, the “queen of hills” or Darjeeling offers a refreshing alternative during the monsoons. Generally, a clear view of the Kanchenjunga and biting cold is what characterizes Darjeeling. If you are interested in a little twist and believe us, it is completely worth it, then visit this place during the monsoons. The clouds come down so low that you will literally be walking with them. The fun of trying to catch a sudden glimpse of the snow covered peaks through all the mist is something different altogether. The biggest plus point of visiting Darjeeling during the monsoons is that it remains free of tourists, and hence, you can enjoy the serenity of the hills.

  1. For a little monsoon celebration: There is another place in the state of Orissa, which is ideal for a monsoon destination, especially if you want to infuse some grand celebration into your experience. The Ratha Yatra takes place in Puri, which is famous for the Jagganath Temple. During this ceremony, a huge chariot with an idol of Lord Jagganath is taken from one destination to another. It is believed to be a very sacred festival by all Hindus. This happens during the month of July, just as the monsoon hits the beaches of Puri. Apart from the hustle bustle of the crowd, which gathers at Puri during this time, you can also enjoy the beaches and enjoy a light swim in the tranquil waters of the Bay of Bengal. However, since it is a monsoon, the sea might get rough, so it is best to be careful while stepping into the waters. Apart from Puri, you can also visit the nearby Chilka Lake, which is celebrated since sometimes dolphins are said to appear here.
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  1. The other side of Goa: Goa is one of the most happening places that almost everyone, who comes to India, visits at least once. Throughout the year, this union territory is bustling with people, but during the monsoon, as the weather roughens up a little bit, the inflow of tourists comes to nearly a halt. If you are really interested in the heart-warming scenery that the Goan countryside has to offer, then really this is the best time to visit the place. There is a very famous fall known as the Dudhsagar Falls, which gushes down with full force with the fresh intake of water from the rains, during the monsoons. In the brief interlude between the showers, you can enjoy a nice walk on the quiet beaches, taking in the breathtaking beauty of the sea. This is really the best time to visit Goa since you will find it in its untainted natural glory in the monsoons.

  1. A little twist in the tale: Many places are famous for certain things, just like Varanasi is famous for its ghats and the evening offerings that take place every day on the ghats itself. Because of the fact that Varanasi experiences a massive hot weather during the summers, it is generally advised to visit this must-visit place during the autumn months. However, what many people do not know is that the monsoons are just the perfect time to visit the holy city of Varanasi. It remains generally less crowded with tourists, and the weather is quite pleasing thanks to the rain that the heavy clouds bring. Try and book a hotel on the ghats so that you can enjoy not just the view of the Ganges but also experience the beautiful breeze coming from the river. The first shower on the ghats, especially in the evenings, is indeed something to treasure forever.
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  1. In the abode of peace: Another lovely place, especially treasured by the Bengalis, which makes one of the best monsoon destinations in India is Shantiniketan, in the state of West Bengal. This place is famous for the Viswa Bharati University, which Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore had set up here. Shantiniketan, which literally translates as the “abode of peace,” is a place where you will truly be able to meditate in nature. In fact, the Shantiniketan rains are particularly famous. Though the roads get a little muddy during this time, which might hamper your travel into the more interior parts, the rains are worth watching when they strike the ground. Make sure that you visit the River Kopai and if possible get drenched in the rain! Quiet and tranquil, this is truly one of the ideal monsoon destinations.

  1. Get drenched the French way: Pondicherry, which used to be a colony of the French at one point of time, still boasts of houses fashioned on the models of French architecture. These houses add a different allure to the place, and when the monsoon hits, it becomes simply gorgeous. Both the beach side and the main town area become lush green and beautiful with the onset of monsoon, which makes it another perfect option as a monsoon destination.

Now that you have an idea about the top 6 best monsoon destinations in India, take your pick best suited to your needs. However, since the Indian monsoon can be a little tricky, always have a backup plan ready and a few extra days in hand. Take the necessary measures and you will be all set to enjoy the monsoons in India.

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