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Thrissur (Trichur) city, with its rich history, cultural heritage and archeological wealth is called the cultural capital of kerala. From ancient times, this district has played a significant role in the political history of south india.

Previously known as Trichur, is the abbreviated form of Thrissivaperur meaning “The Town of Sacred Shiva”. In the ancient days, this city was also referred by various other names, such as Vrishabhadripuram and Ten Kailasam. The past witnessed the town undergoing many rulers and dynasties beginning from the Zamorins, Tipu Sultan, the Dutch, and then the British.

This minuscule yet beautiful city has played a significant role in nurturing the trade relations with the outside world in ancient and medieval times, apart from influencing the political history of South India. Today, Thrissur, with all its history, cultural heritage, and archeological wealth, stands as an important city in Kerala.

Tourist Attractions In and around Thrissur


29 kms west of thrissur, guruvayoor is one of the most sacred and important pilgrim centres of kerala. Its main attraction is the sree krishna temple. This historic temple is shrouded in mystery. According to belief, the temple is the creation of guru, the preceptor of the goods, and vayu, the god of winds. The eastern nada is the main entrance to the shrine. In the chuttambalam (outer enclosure) is the tall 33.5 m high gold plated dwajasthambam (flag post). There is also a 7 m high dipastambham (pillar of lamps), whose thirteen circular receptacles provide a truly gorgeous spectacle when lit. The square sreekovil is the sacred sanctum Sanctorum of the temple, housing the main deity. Within the temple there Are also the images of ganapathy, lord ayyappa.

Aarattupuzha Pooram :

The famous Ayyappa Temple at Aarattupuzha is just 14 km from Trichur (Thrissur). The temple celebrates its annual pooram festival during the months of April/May. The ceremonial possessions carrying the images of the deities of 41 neighboring temples is the high point of this festival.

Kalamandalam : is Kerala’s deemed university for Kathakali dance drama and other indigenous performing arts. It was founded in 1930 by the renowned poet Padmabhooshan Vallathol Narayana Menon and is located on the banks of River Nila in the Cheruthuruthy village of Thrissur district. Cultural tourism has recently been initiated at the university, called “A day with the Masters”, allowing visitors to spend few hours at the campus and observe the inner aesthetics of traditional arts.

Koodal Manikyam Temple :

This temple is dedicated to Bharata, the loyal and selfless hero and strong supporter of Rama. The diety at the temple is said to embody the joy rapture experienced by Bharata, when he learned of reunion of Rama and Sita. It’s believed that this is the only temple in India dedicated to Bharata and devotees claim miraculous cures from disease and ill health.
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The Peechi-Vazhani Sanctuary comprising of dense, moist deciduous and semi-evergreen forests, is situated about 20 east of Trichur in the catchment area of the Peechi and Vazhani dams. It is the second oldest and one of the significant wildlife sanctuaries of Kerala. Animals, like tigers, leopards, elephants, sambars, spotted deers, and braking deers, make up for the attractions in the sanctuary.

Soochipara Waterfalls :

also known as Sentinel Rock Waterfalls, is located 22 km from Trichur. It is a three-tiered waterfall, sited in Vellarimala in Wayanad District and is surrounded by wet evergreen and tropical shola forests. On de-boarding the vehicle, one can reach the waterfalls after a 2-km walk into the dense equatorial forests of Wayanad. Furthermore, the 200-meter Soochipara Waterfalls offer a cliff face that is ideal for rock climbing.

Thriprayar Temple :

About 25 km southwest of Thrissur, Thriprayar Temple is one of the most interesting and fascinating temples dedicated to Lord Rama. The exquisite woodcarvings, sculptures, and mural paintings make for an exciting sight at the temple. During Onam celebrations, the snake boat race, held in the months of August/September, is one of the main attractions that draw huge crowds in.

Thrissur Pooram :

Trichur (Thrissur) is best known for its lavish Pooram Festival, which is the most colorful and spectacular temple festival of Kerala. Held in the Malayalam month of Medam from mid-April to mid-May, it is the largest pooram festival in Kerala and hence, is also called the pooram of all poorams. The festival is a marvel in itself with the sight of caparisoned elephants standing in unison and fireworks that are capable of competing with firework shows from anywhere in the world.

Vilangankunnu or Vilangan Hills:

It is a nice amusement and leisure park maintained by the Kerela tourism department. This 50 acre park is located around 5 km from Thrissur city.

Thrissur Zoo and Archaeological & Art Museums : Both Archaeological Museum and Art Museum are located in the compounds of Thrissur Zoo. The Archaeological Museum is famous for its collections of murals and relics from all over Kerala. Apart from this, the museum also holds big life-sized statues of famous personalities from the past. The Art Museum, on the other hand, displays collections of metal sculptures, woodcarvings, and ancient jewelry. A rare collection of artifacts and paintings is also on display to create awareness about the architectural heritage of the state.

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Peechi Dam :

About 23 km from Trichur, the Peechi Dam is one of the most loved tourist spots in Kerala. Built across the Manali River, the dam is a vast catchment area of nearly 3200 acres with extensive botanical gardens and cascading fountains offering numerous inviting avenues for tourists. Visitors can choose to boat on the reservoir or take a stroll through the beautiful gardens, or even both. Often times, while boating, the Peechi Vazhani Sanctuary nearby provides a sneak peek at the wild animals residing there.

Vadakkumnathan temple :

One of the oldest temples in the state, the vadakkumnathan temple is a classical example of the kerala style of architecture and has many decorative murals and pieces of art. This is the venue of the world famous pooram festival celebrated annually in april – may. The fireworks at the pooram are a spectacular sight. Non hindus are not allowed entry into the temple.

St. Thomas Memorial :

the apostle of Jesus Christ, is believed to have landed in Kodungalloor (formerly called Muziris) in 52 AD. The St. Thomas Church houses relics from the ancient days that are displayed for visitors at certain times.

Sakthan Thampuran Palace :

once a palace belonging to Rama Varma Kunhijipilla Thampuran, the Maharaja of Cochin, is now a heritage museum that has the largest collection of unearthed megalithic structures. It is believed that the palace was reconstructed by Rama Thampuran in Kerala Dutch style in 1795 and is now preserved and protected by the Archaeological Department.

Town Hall:

Houses the Picture Gallery where mural paintings from all parts of Kerala are on display. Aquarium: This is near Nehru Park (open 15:00 – 20:00 hrs).

Shopping in Thrissur
Thrissur is the cultural capital of Kerala, so its specialty lies in arts and crafts. On a trip to Thrissur, don’t forget to buy the unique silk sareesand jewellery. Thrissur is also famous for coir products, coconut shell crafts, horn carvings, woodcarvings and brass works. You can shop for a variety of carpets and floor coverings. Thrissur is popular for the Kathakali dance masks too.

Climate And Best Time To Go
The South-West monsoon period starts from Mid of June, but the climate is tropical in nature throughout the year. Summers are sometimes hot and monsoon humid. The temperature varies from 20-30 degrees. The period between October and March is best for vacations in Thrissur.

Access to Kerala Thrissur :
By Air – The nearest airport is Nedumbassery.
By Rail – Thrissur is an important railhead in southern India, which is connected to with other places in Kerala and neighboring south Indian cities by trains.
By Road– Thrissur is also well connected with almost all the major towns and cities of India by road.

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Thrissur Map

Kerala, India


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