Travel Trends that here are to sustain in 2020

While travel and wanderlust are two main words that have catched the infancy of the millennial generation. However, there are some travel trends that are evolving and are touted to become the next big bet. Here, we have explained the same

Exploring the lesser known places– Last year, a lot of tourists frequented the lesser known places including Ponmudi, Kerala, Mechuka Arunachal Pradesh, and a lot more. This trend is expected to continue further in the year 2020. The trend outlines the practice of visiting to lesser known cities.

Travel Simple and light– Spartan travel has become a huge trend.  It is all about giving up traditional ways of traveling and using regular gadgets, swapping for a simpler life.   Even the accommodation availed on the trip are getting minimal. It is better to bring along few belongings. The aim is to de-clutter the home. Staying in the eco-huts has become a new trend.

Eating vegan food- Though the concept of veganism isn’t new, but in 2019 it has started gaining popularity. From consuming vegan diet to installing vegan friendly hotels, the people are embracing this new idea of vacation.

Slow traveling- if the data is to be believed then it is predicted that in 2020 will witness a high percentage of travelers opting for slow mode of transport to reduce the environmental impact. The vehicles like peddle bikes and trams to sled and boats have already become famous mode of transportation.

Agriculture tourism- Another trend that is dominating the travel industry is agriculture tourism. What used to be traveling concept few years ago, has now become preferred tourist activity. The tourists are travelling to farm or ranch as it helps them to have DIY experience. This not only promotes agriculture tourism but also helps the local farmers to increase their business.

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Cashless travel– another trend that is changing the landscape of travel industry is cashless travel. To save oneself from worry of carrying cash load around the world, the travelers are entirely opting for cashless trip.

Business Leisure Trip– the holiday hybrid of business and leisure is gaining prominence. With the increase of work life boundaries continue to diminish, it makes sense to combine it with pleasure. This trend is making prominence as lot and lot business travelers are visiting remote destination along with colleagues or with family members.

Multiple short trips– another trend that is gaining eminence is micro vacation. It is a trend in which the poor millennial generation who cannot afford to go for a long vacation is nowadays making multiple short trips and weekend getaways throughout the year.

Eco-friendly travel- as per the experts, it is predicted that 70% of the travelers are likely to book accommodation to places which is eco-friendly.

In the end, we would like to say as the travelers are smitten by travel bug, these trends have seemingly become clear. Let’s see what 2020 will bring on.

Jyoti Bhatia

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