Visiting Amboli Hill Station

Amboli is a small and significant town located in the Indian state of Maharashtra and one can get to this place without trouble from the cities of Mumbai as well as Pune. Amboli is a historic destination and there are many temples and churches which can be explored by travelers over here. The number of Shiva temples over here is as many as a hundred and eight. There are several youth hostels, tourist lodges and inns where one can put up for the night and that too at the best possible prices. There are regular trains operating to and from Amboli which tourists can use in order to get to this location in Maharashtra.

Amboli is essentially a hill station and one can get to this place in order to enjoy a relaxing holiday in the lap of nature. The area is filled with exotic varieties of flora and fauna which make visiting this location such a desirable experience.

Amboli in Maharashtra is also well known for its food and street food is something that travelers should definitely try out over here. The town of Amboli does not have a population that is of a large size as a result of which tourists are not likely to be bothered by crowds upon their visit to this location.

There are tourist guides who can provide travelers with much needed knowledge about the unique sightseeing locations that are there in this town. The guides do not charge much money and their services are those that are quite affordable for most travelers. Accommodation is something that has to be reserved well in advance or it might be tough. The hotels in particular offer rooms at a reasonable price which is why these are likely to get filled up at the earliest.


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