Why is Jim Corbett Best Destination for the Long Weekend?

Planning to take a short trip near NCR? You may come across lots of options that can leave you bewildered. Most of the places are always buzzing with Delhi crowd over the weekend. To choose the destination of your choice, you must plan in advance for the same reason. Though you might have come across lots of options but one of the best locations not to be missed and can be often repeated is none other than Jim Corbett. Located in Ramnagar district of Nainital, it’s one of the favorite destinations for not only individuals but many corporate too.

As a matter of fact its perfect weekend location with many exotic resorts to choose from. Recently one of my friend visited there for the third time and she came back as even more refreshed then earlier trips. Credit goes to the city also to the resort she selected where famous MTV reality show SplitsVille was shooted. She came back by capturing lots of candid shots with her DSLR. You can have a similar experience in this beautiful city.  Before planning a trip here you must know some facts that can make your stay even more comfortable and relaxing.

How to Reach Jim Corbett?

One of the most important questions that might be buzzing in the mind of many is how to reach Jim Corbett from Delhi and road. Though you can choose any mode of transport the best is taking a road trip by your personal vehicle. It may take you close to 5-6 hours if you plan it on early morning or overnight. The time chosen by you can help in avoiding any unexpected traffic. If you don’t plan to drive then you can always book the cab online from any of the popular sites like Yatra, MakeMyTrip and likewise. You can also check exciting offers from CouponsCurry.com, if available, for the online cab booking. If driving is your passion then you can also keep your car tank full and get ready for the joy ride.

You may also visit zoom cars to take your dream car on rent and get the test drive to get hands on a new vehicle that you may wish to buy in the near future. Where there’s will there’s way, once you decided to visit Jim Corbett you will get so many ways and within no time you will reach there. Enroute you will get so many places to halt to relish breakfast, lunch or dinner that can make your trip complete. You can get the good feel even before visiting the Corbett by start checking in from the pit stops and taking some cool selfies.

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What is the Best Time to Explore Jim Corbett?

Jim Corbett is one of the places that can be visited at any time of the year. The serene environment here will always leave you delighted. Nevertheless to have the best experience try to visit here anytime between September to April. Though the busiest time is quoted as of October to February, however, you can get some best memories in other months as well.

How Many Days Do You Need to Spend in Jim Corbett?

The city is perfect to catch up on any of the weekends. You can plan to travel here on any of the long weekends or may stretch your stay based on the available time at your disposal. Try to plan a trip for at least 3-4 days keeping in mind the time gone in to and fro as well. Even with a stay of just for 2 days you can get good change and explore all the venues here.

What you can Explore in Jim Corbett?

Jim Corbett offers plenty of options to visit because of its central location with the connecting cities. Some of the places worth exploring here are:-

#.Jim Corbett National Park

This is one of the favorite and popular destinations to visit in the city of Corbett. You can book a Jungle safari at the comfort of your hotel and take a trip to explore the wildlife. People often anticipate watching the tiger here. There are different zones from where you can enter here. Some of them make it favorable to get the sight of the tiger which may not be less than an achievement. Many people take a repeated trip of safari to get lucky to watch the tiger. One of the zones that have witness maximum view of tigers is Dikhala. The reason why there is more chance to spot the tiger here because it’s located in the dense forest. People who are too passionate about the wildlife plan their stay here well in advance too.

#.Corbett Falls

Another cool attraction on the lands of the city is the dazzling waterfalls. You can chill here with the pint of beer or some soothing mocktails. Get your DSLR ready to get some candid shots here. Best time to visit these waterfalls could be during the rainy season where there would be plenty of water. You can also take a natural shower or just play with your friends here overall it will be good fun.

#.Rafting in Kosi

If you love to get the feeling some adventure then you may not be far after visiting Jim Corbett. You can enjoy some of the easiest yet thrilling rafting experience here. Just book in advance to get the slot of your choice. Even if you don’t want to go for rafting river Kosi will be good to visit to give you some pleasant break and conducive environment.

#.Trekking and Bird Watch in Pangot

There is a small connecting village near the city which is worth exploring. You can visit here in the early morning to check some of the coolest birds. You may also plan a small trek where you can discover some of the antique monuments and temples. After taking a ride to this small village you will be all charged to take a fresh ride once back in the city.

#.Paragliding in Bhimtal

Another adventure that you can explore near Jim Corbett is by planning a Paraquilding in the city of Bhimtal.  It’s good for the beginners who are afraid of deep heights as you will be elevated to an optimum level that may not be scary. If you wish to ditch this adventure sports in the sports then you do have another option of taking a relaxing boat ride in the lake of the Bhimtal. Half an hour tour within a lake will give you the glimpse of picturesque beauty around.  Clubbing the option of paragliding and lake ride will not be a bad option either.

Where to Stay in Jim Corbett?

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There are so many places to choose from in this beautiful city. People often visit to explore some of the unique and best resorts. If planned in advance you can get the best rates. If you want to make you stay simple and want to stay in camps or budget hotels then you have options there as well. Furthermore, to get the best rate for Oyo rooms you can use oyo rooms coupon code, this can make your stay dirt cheap.

If you don’t wish to compromise on the luxury and want to stay in the best resort of your choice then you can look out for Trivago hotel discount code to get the best deal. You can also explore some of the cool offers from sites like CouponsCurry.com, through which you can minimize the cost of your stay even at the best properties. It’s advisable to plan your stay well in advance to book the place of your choice. Usually in some of the peak seasons occupancy is full and you may have to postpone your trip.

With so many options Jim Corbett is undoubtedly one of the popular choices in the north. End of the journey you will have so many takeaways that you may like to visit this place over and over again. Plan your budget and time and leverage the attractions here.  You can customize your trip as much as possible based on your available time and money.

There are many people who are in so much love with the place that they don’t even bother to visit this place twice and thrice in a year. You can always keep a track of the best offers from Oyorooms coupon code if you want a budget stay to make it even cheaper. Checking some of the best properties through Trivago hotel discount code may not a bad idea either. Last but not least, if you wish you repeat your stay here without a dent in your pocket visit CouponsCurry.com to get best discounts on the place you wish to stay. With so many tempting offers and options to explore we are sure you are all set to plan your next trip to Jim Corbett.


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