India Honeymoon Tour – Honeymoon in India


India Honeymoon Tour – Honeymoon Destinations in India

After the wedding ceremony, many couples look forward to their honeymoon, which is usually in exotic locations where they can be alone together. An India honeymoon tour comprises of many activities tailor made to give a couple memories of a lifetime. Some of the activities that come with an India honey moon tour are such as visits to pilgrim destinations belonging to different religions because India is a country known for its diverse religions. If a couple chooses to go to India for their honey moon they will also be taken to see Indian beaches some of which can be found in the famous Goa area. A typical tour for honeymooners in India also includes tours to historical monuments such as the ‘Taj Mahal’ which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World because of its architecture and beauty and is situated in Agra.

An India honeymoon tour also involves visits to mountain ranges, hill stations backstations, wild life tours and so on. When on these tours there are different means a couple can use to get to their destination as the country has a good developed network. One can choose to travel in a taxi, bus, bicycle among other means to the different places. On the tours, one can enlist the services of guides and scotts to help them get around. Some tour companies offer the services of Scotts and guides in their packages.

Accommodation for a couple on an India Honeymoon tour is not a problem as the country boasts of many hotels ranging from the most expensive hotels to the least expensive. Most tour company that organize such tours often include accommodation arrangements in their tour packages.
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If a couple wants to go for an India honeymoon tour they should contact any of the tour companies in nearest to where they live. One can also go to the internet and have a look at the many tour companies that offer all inclusive packages for people of different classes. When choosing a tour company that will organize its honey moon in India, a couple should look for the one that offers the affordable rates so that a big chunk of their money does not get finished before they get a chance to enjoy themselves. This is because different companies charge differently for their services. One should also go for a reputable company that will ensure the safety of the couple, good service and will provide the couple with necessary information that will make their stay in India memorable.

Apart from being enjoyable, honey moons tours in India can be educative as well. Visiting the many historical and religious places will leave honeymooners educated and informed on top of having them get in touch with their romantic side. The honeymooners will also get to know about the county’s culture, traditions and festivals. Another advantage of these tours is that the couples can change their itineraries if they would rather go to different places other than the ones they had been earlier assigned to.


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  1. very informative post. India is very beautiful place for visiting in whole world.

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