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Lakshadweep travel Guide – Lakshadweep Travel Attractions
Lakshadweep consists of more than 36 islands located about 200–300 km off the cost of Kerala in the Arabian Sea. These islands are the smallest union territory of India. Of this group, only eleven of the islands are inhabited. The precious heritage of ecology and culture is supported by an extremely fragile ecosystem in these lagoon rich islands. With a moderate climate, these islands are humid, warm, and pleasant. Temperatures range form 23 °C to 35 °C through out the year. The islands are open to cyclones and storms.

The union territory promotes tourism in such a way that it follows a middle path between tourism promotion and environmental conservation. Some details of the important tourist destinations in Lakshadweep are given below.


Androth IslandANDROTH is the largest and the nearest island to the mainland and has an East–West orientation. The dense coconut groves add beauty to the island. Although coir and copra are the major products, this island also has a well developed fishing industry. The tomb of Saint Ubaidullah is located in the Juma’at Mosque.


Minicoy IslandMinicoy the southern most island of the group is only second to Androth in size, and it is a crescent shaped island. The highlights of this island are the old light house, tuna canning factories, dense coconut groves, and the beaches.


Kalpeni IslandKalpeni is an island of scenic beauty. It is has islets such as Tilakkam and Pitti and an uninhabited island called Cheriyam. The highlights of this island are the huge storm bank of coral debris, water sports, and more.


Agatti IslandThe island of Agatti is famous for its coral growth. One can find in abundance the multicolored coral fishes in its lagoons. This island has the airport. Water sports are the main attraction of this island.


Kavaratti islandThe island of Kavaratti serves as the union territory’s headquarters. The enchanting features of this island include water sports, marine aquarium, the dolphin drive center, marine entertainment through glass bottomed boats, and many more.


Amini islandThis island got its name from the Arabic word ‘Amin’, which means faithful. The highlight of this island is the walking stick industries. Talented craftsmen make these walking sticks out of tortoises’ shells.


Chetlat IslandChetlat is the northern most inhabited island of the group. Although there are plenty of coir and mat weaving industries, boat building is the famous industry of the island.


Bitra IslandBitra is the least populated island in the territory. The highlights of this island include the small shrine of St. Malik Mulla and bird watching, as numerous sea birds breed here.


Bangaram IslandBangarm is the paradise of Lakshadweep. This uninhabited island is surrounded by a shallow lagoon enclosed by the coral reefs. It is the best place for basking and surfing. The crystal clear water, unpolluted air, sparkling coral reef, lush coconut groves, birds, and marine animals make the place literally a paradise on earth. The adventure sports, such as scuba diving, snorkeling, and deep sea fishing entice the visitors to come again and again. The island has a resort providing comfortable stay for the lovers of nature.


Kadmat IslandAttractions in the island of Kadmat include the long sandy beaches, water sports, aesthetic tourist huts, coconut groves, scuba diving, glass bottomed boats, and many more.


Kiltan islandKiltan island has beautiful beaches and attracts visitors with is thick flora. One can enjoy the traditional folk dances of the local inhabitants.

Transport and Accommodation

The Agatti airport of Lakshadweep has frequent flights to Kochi in Kerala. Both government and the private sectors operate flights to the island. A number of ships ply between the mainland and the island of Lakshadweep. Embarkation facilities are on the progress in the islands of Amini, Kavaratti, Agatti, and Minicoy. Local transport is provided by boat services or helicopters.

Lakshadweep being a popular tourist destination has a number of good hotels. Agatti Island Beach Resort, Kadmat Beach Resort, Bangaram Island Resort are some of the best accommodations available to the tourists. However, one can choose from the wide array of hotels in Lakshadweep that suits every budget.

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