10 tourist places in kullu manali

Kothi – Kothi is 12 kilometers from Manali if you drive towards it and is a base camp for a trek to the Rohtang pass. A few years back travellers would spend night in this camp but now it can be accessed by pony, bus and jeep. You can also spend the night in the guest houses. The view from this place is of a lush green vegetation around the hills and snowcapped peaks and it is a favorite of the movie shhoting groups. The scenic beauty is the most breathtaking and hence it is also a place to meditate or write in peace and writers and poets love to visit this place. The gurgling Beas and the peace and calm of the area can pull you back forever.

Hadimba Temple – This is a temple dedicated to Hadimba, and has got a finely wrought four tired pagoda roof, which dates to 1553 on a cave. These caves have got footprints enshrined by the people and they say these prints are of Goddess Hadimba, wife of Bhima. This four storied temple is situated in a forest called Dhungiri Van Vihar. The temple is also called Dhungiri Temple on the name of the forest. The walls have got carvings on wooden background that has motifs of animals and cosmic dancers. In May a festival and a picnic spot all over the year, the temple has got a great ambiance to keep up.

Rahalla Falls – This is 51 km from Manali and is located at the height of 3980m. The pass was used as a trade route before and now connects to the district of Lahaul and Spiti. You can use the pass from June to November and the view around the area is a perfect combination of the snow and green walls of forest. The Sonapani glacier is beyond this pass and there lies Gaypan, the twin peaks. Beas is coming from the Beas kund, which is situated nearby and can be visited trough the pass.

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Solang Valley – The valley is at the top of the Kullu valley and houses the ski school. When there is no snow, the skiing changes to paragliding. Phatru is a face just above Solang Nullah and it faces eastern side. The ski school tries to take off by climbing for an hour, and they climb the valley upwards and has good bottom landing near the valley. The river is another attraction and the Solang river and there is good picnic spot by the river or at any place near it. The scenic beauty and the passes and the river together make for breathtaking view for the tourists.

Naggar – The village name is as beautiful as the place is and this village is set on a small hill and surrounded by forests. The stone and wood castle by Raja Sidh Singh is a good Castle that was standing there in glory 500 years ago and now you can see a heritage hotel there that is holding on to the glory and the Royalty of the past. The Castle has a small but pristine temple and a small collection of collectables in a small museum. The village gets its glory from being the place where this castle is and so the heritage is thanked and maintained by the local people.

Bijli Mahadev Temple – The most popular temple in Kulu and is situated at 2460 meters. There is a 20 meter tall image or deity of Mahadev that attracts special blessings from the bijli or lightening from the sky. The temple gives you a panoramic view of the Paravati temple and Kulu valley. There is a 60 feet high staff that belongs to the Bijli Mahadev temple and this looks like a silver needle. All long staffs can attract lightening here the priest can tell you more on the interesting history of this place.

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Bajeshwar Mahadev temple – This is another temple in Kulu is situated 15 km above the sea level and this temple is an old one belonging to 8th century A.D. This old temple of the deity in the temple where there will be a good deal of history and its walls are covered with beautiful carvings that show how advanced the easter year carvers. They had vivid measure and imagination. There were sculptures in shikara style. The temple can be found in a serene land by the side of Beas river and this is about 200 kilometers outside the village.

Manikaran – The legend goes in for this place that Lord Shiva and his divine consort Parbati were here and Parbati lost and then found her earrings here. When they were relaxing, the rings had fallen into the river and Patal Nagri Sesh Nag took hold of them. Then Parbati requested to give it back but Sesh Nag did not listen to it. Then at last with the request of all the other Gods requested, he snorted it out of his nostrils and a boiling fountain of water started. The hot water spring of this place has a story in this manner and there are other temples of Ramchandra and Shiva with the Gurudwara exits nearby. The place is known for these divine abodes and the hot water springs.

Pulga and Kheer Ganga – The Pulga is a retreat for body and mind and it is situated in Kulu. There are a few nullahs and the main is the ‘Tos Nullah’ that flows through the Parvati valley and is a place for activities like trekking and camping, rafting and fishing. The Parbati valley is a beautiful place and the calm serenity helps the tourist to enjoy the combination of hilly areas and peaceful valleys. Kheerganga is around 10 km out of Pulga and is a place known for its hot springs. The springs have curative value and are sometimes so hot that it can boil vegetables and other such stuff.

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Malana – This is a tiny village in Kulu and lies 2652 meters from the town of Kulu. You need to go to Naggar by bus and then you need to step 20 km on foot to reach this village. This lies near chanderkhani pass – that is famous for the temple of Jamlu. This village is known for its way of ruling its people and because of the democratic system, it is called the oldest democracy in the world. The villagers all eagerly take part in managing the affairs of the village and its inhabitants. You can think of taking a trip of trekking with agroup through these lonely roads into the heart of Kulu.


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