Water Rafting – Water Rafting is done to enjoy the thrill of the Beas River in Manali and here you will find rapids that are of high speed and difficult to cross which makes it all the more interesting and challenging. There are areas in Pirdi- in a water sport […]

The state of Chattisgarh in India is home to one of the finest sightseeing destinations in the world and that is the Chitrakoot Falls. The Chitrakoot Falls are quite a scenic sight and are best viewed in the season of monsoon when the falls are at their peak. To visit […]

Trekking in ladakh When you are going to trek in Ladakh you will need a few things which are a must for trekking. You will need trekking boots, warm socks and warm clothing which is better if they are waterproof. You will also need sunglasses and sun hat to protect […]


Camel Safari in Leh Ladakh Ladakh is in the northern most part of India in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. It has two districts-Leh and Kargil. Leh is at the distance of 434 kms from Srinagar and on the banks of river Indus. Ladakh is a cold desert land […]


Fascinating country-side, Virgin treks with clandestine touch of raw aggression and sense of achievement that surround the bikes taken out in a great sojourn across various places in India. India remains a biking hot spot given the varying topography and superb routes. Evergreen forests branched under the well decked snow-peaked […]


In India, it is never about ‘Rain, rain go away little Raju wants to play’… instead it’s the season where every bounty thrown by the nature towards the human community is magnified with purity, abundance and carries a tinge of green charm to everything. Exploring the 20 top monsoon destinations […]

One of the hottest tourist destinations on the globe is India without any doubt. India has a little of everything on the platter. One of the recent trends is that of camping in India. There are many camping sites in here and of various kinds. One can choose depending on […]

Get your wheels on the roads! We are not suggesting on a rash road tour but on a road trip to explore India. Many North Indians do road trips to Leh and Ladakh. And so can you. It doesn’t matter how old you are, everyone deserves a little fresh air […]