Sultanpur National Park – Sultanpur sanctuary


Sultanpur National Park – Sultanpur sanctuary
While many people turn to wildlife preserves in India to see the illustrious tiger or the one horned rhino, many others are interest in the birds that call India home. For the bird lover this is the perfect wildlife preserve which sits on 359 acres of land just outside of Dehli.

The Sultanpur National Park which is only a 46 kilometer trip from Dehli is known for its birds. In this sanctuary there is a vast number of bird species both local as well as migratory which calls this place home. It was in 1972 that this are was first recognized as a water-bird preserve. Inside the park, there are a great number of bougainvillea which just helps to attract the birds to this location in particular. The sanctuary also houses a museum which is dedicated to the birds which can be found within the borders of the park and if you are planning on stopping by for a visit, make sure that you bring your binoculars.

The park itself features a lake in the center with very few trees to obscure ones view which allows one to vie the birds through a pair of binoculars without interrupting the natural habitats of these magnificent bids. It is not uncommon for a visitor to the Sultanpur National Park to see a grey pelican or even a cormorant. The herons and egrets found in this park are also a favorite with both grey and pond herons as well as the egrets and storks which call this park their home. You may also be able to see the black-necked stork as well as an ibis or spoonbill.

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While year round visits can result in some spectacular bird watching in the Sultanpur National Park, it is during the months of December and January that the migratory birds make their way to this serene and placid place to get away from the colder northern climates.

With Dehli only 46 kilometers away from the Sultanpur National Park, getting there is a simple task as one can drive, take a bus or even a taxi from the city. Although not as big as some of the other national parks in India, the views are still none the less worth the effort to pay this park a visit if not for any other reason but to get away from the hustle and bustle of inner city life.


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