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Chitrakoot is situated in Uttar Pradesh and is well known as tourist attraction for its historical as well as archaeological significance. The place is magnificently secluded in its various temples and shrines. It is a hilly landscape in the Vindhya where people can find several religious experiences. The place is surrounded by woods and the hilly land and for that tourists can find the calm and comfortable atmosphere to enjoy their vacations. The place has mythological relevance as well because as per the Hindu mythology the story of Ramayana takes impressive turns at the holy place of Chitrakoot.

Chitrakoot Dham U.PThe place is renowned as the “hill of many wonders”. You can visit this place in the month of March to July. The transportation facility is well connected. You can easily get public transport or hire taxi to visit the nearest tourist attractions. You can purchase the ritual items or figurines of God or wooden toys as souvenirs. You can understand the Hindu religion while visiting this place during any festivals. The main festival is Ramayana fair. But if you think that it is solely a religious place you are wrong. It is not only a religious spot it has woods with streams, rivers and you can find an idyllic nature along with spiritual blend.

Places to visit in Chitrakoot

A forested hill of prime religious significance, this is believed to be the original Chitrakoot. The Bharat Milap Temple is located here. Pilgrims perform a ritual circumambulation of the hill to seek blessings.

Sphatik Shila
This picturesque spot is marked by two immense rocks. It is believed to be the place where Lord Rama and Sita feasted their eyes on the beauty of Chitrakoot.

Hanuman Dhara
It is approachable by a flight of 360 steps, located on a steep hillside, Here, the waters of a natural spring cascade over an image of Lord Hanuman.

Ram Ghat
On the banks of the River Mandakini, and center of ritual activity, this Ghat is the most frequented in Chitrakoot. The “Aarti” performed in the evening is particularly beautiful.

Janki Kund
An unusual cave over the Mandakini. Said to be the place where Sita bathed

4 km from Gupt Godavari is Marpha, famous for its natural beauty alongwith waterfalls, Jal Mochan Sarovar, Shri Balaji mandir, 5 faced statue of Lord Shankar and ruins of a fort, believed to be built by Chandel Rajas

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